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Customer Reviews

    My 2.5yo son was having bad cough n flu and i put the powder into his drink for 2days, he recovered. I also gave to my husband who coughed and i took myself when i start to feel abit of sore throat coming.. miraculously it worked so i gave to my 72 & 74yo parents they also recovered from their cough n flu after 2 days of taking Lung guard. 👍🏻highly recommended thou expensive but worth it!
    Angelyn Ng

    Everyone in the family is using this product!

    After covid, we kept coughing non stop. Flu and cough comes easily. After eating lung guard for a week, zero cough. Whenever the kids catch any flu bug, they will eat lung guard and helps them to recover from their cough very fast.

    Joanna Heng

    I gave it to my 3yo daily as supplement ever since it help her to speed up her cough recovery.


    And I realise it help to build her immunity & prevent her from falling sick easily esp now that there is flu & cough bug going on in school

    Wendy Koh